The Sports & Active Nutrition Research & Innovation Challenge at the 7th Sports & Active Nutrition Summit 2017

Adrian Hodgson

Dr. Adrian Hodgson, Nutrition Innovation Consultant (United Kingdom):

The Themes for the Innovation Track are:
> Discovery – Challenge your current thinking by discovering what is happening in the consumer landscape of sport and exercise. What is happening to the world of sport and exercise and how is that shaping the sport and active nutrition category?
> Exploration – Explore new scientific insight into trending ingredients in the sports and active nutrition category today. What new science exists to challenge our current nutrition recommendations and shape our future thinking?
> Insight – Learning from consumers should be at the heart of nutrition innovation. How are companies and brands learning new insights about current consumers of food and drink products? How can this insight help you and your business?”

A truly great programme which will contribute to the industry needs (we think and hope)!

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