Vegan and alternative sources of protein projected to grow in Europe: could ‘Bone Broth’ be the next big thing?

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Bridge2Food interviewed industry leader Garyth Stone during the past Active, Performance and Sports Nutrition Summit. Houlinhan Lokey, the leader in mergers and acquisitions for active & sports companies, has completed new sales and purchase transaction and Garyth Stone will update the industry during the:

8th Active, Performance & Sports Nutrition Summit 2018, 12-14 June 2018 (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
Fantastic annual active, performance & sports nutrition industry networking platform
Target audience: Food, Beverages, Bars, Dairy, Health, Convenience, Sports & Supplement industries
4-in-1 Tracks: Bars & Snacks, Dairy & RTD’s, Beverages & Supplements
Participation: 250+ experts. Exhibition: 40 places.

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