Insect meal Innovation: a good candidate as fishmeal alternative

Nowadays, 4 kg of wild fish is needed to produce 1 kg of farmed fish. Novel sources of proteins are thus necessary to replace or partially replace fishmeal. ..
Several studies have shown that insect-based ingredients could be a good alternative.
The EU Regulation 2017/893 has authorized the use of insect proteins in aquafeed. Replacement of fishmeal in the diet of farmed fish represents a market of 1 million tons in Europe.

Entomo Farm breeds and transforms insects for the feed industry. The results of a 3-month study launched by Entomo Farm with French aquaculture feed laboratory IctyoPharma have just been released. Scientists have been evaluating the efficacy of graded incorporation levels of insect meal on the growth performance, body composition and nutrient retention in Nile tilapia juveniles.

These data indicate the insect meal produced by Entomo Farm, could effectively replace 100% of fishmeal and blood meal in the diet of juvenile Nile tilapia.