Plant Protein Nutrition: Protein Value and Quality Analysis

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This webinar will cover:
Protein Nutrition: Comparing plant and animal proteins for a better health
– Recent update on nutrition research of plant proteins vs animal proteins
– Routes of amino-acids and muscle protein synthesis
– Skeletal muscle anabolic response to plant- vs animal-based protein consumption
– Synergy between exercise and food intake
– The discussion on PDCAAS and DIAS has been taken to a different level with new nutritional studies by international partners. What is the scope and what are the challenges?

What is a ‘good protein’? Challenges of Brands to use Proteins
– Protein Content Claims
– How to determining protein quality
– Protein analysis method update on PER, PDCAAS, DIAAS, DIAAS considerations
– Future protein quality directions

Who should attend:
– Nutrition Managers
– Research Managers
– Development Managers

Bridge2Food_Photo_2017_Protein_Summit_Maastricht_U Ass. Prof. Dr. Tim Snijders – Dept. Human Movement Sciences, Maastricht University (The Netherlands)
Bridge2Food_ Photo_2017_Protein Summit_Manitoba_Ma Dr. Matthew G. Nosworthy – Department of Food & Human Nutritional Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, University of Manitoba (Canada)


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