Johnny Tran, 301 INC (General Mills' Venture Capital Arm)
Johnny Tran
Managing Director
301 INC (General Mills' Venture Capital Arm)

Johnny is the Managing Director of 301 INC. Prior to joining 301 INC, he worked in Brand Management on a number of General Mills platforms, including Progresso Soup, Pillsbury, Cereal, and Snacking. Over his tenure, he has launched dozens of new products, led the channel strategy and negotiations, and delivered profitable growth across all his PNLs as an operator. Before his time at General Mills, he was a Project Manager in a construction firm by day and a break dancing instructor by night. Johnny holds an MBA from UVA’s Darden School of Business and a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University. He currently lives with his wife, Rochelle, in Minneapolis and has an unhealthy habit of buying plants he has no space for.