Marty Gil
Marty Gil
Account Manager

Marty Gil is one of GNT USA’s most experienced team members and has nearly 20 years of experience helping customers select and implement the best EXBERRY® colors to use in their projects. This includes facilitating innovation sessions with our culinary team, supporting customers with color work and stability testing with our technical team, fulfilling quality requirements, and much more. He graduated from the University of California, Davis with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Food Science in 2001. While he is native to the San Francisco Bay area, he recently moved with his family to Charlotte, North Carolina to be close to GNT USA’s new headquarters.

Presentation Description

Maximizing visual appeal is critical to success - whether it’s developing a plant-based shrimp, steak or blue cheese. In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of plant-based foods, how can brands offer consumers the most natural, reassuring labels while also delivering optimal performance? The answer is plant-based colors for plant-based foods made from recognizable fruit, vegetables and edible plants. Join GNT to gain practical tips on how to select the right plant-based colors for peak functionality and discover the key technical considerations to ensure your next plant-based product launch is a success. Whether it’s to improve the color transition of raw to cooked burgers, to identify the best color formulations for meat alternatives like plant-based bacon, or to discover the full rainbow of possibilities for non-dairy alternatives and frozen desserts, don’t miss this opportunity to gain expert technical insights to optimize your plant-based applications.