Kathy Greaves
Kathy Greaves
Expert in Plant Protein Nutrition
Nutrition Outside the Box, LLC

Kathy Greaves is a Nutrition Science Consultant and an accomplished thought leader with technical expertise in dietary protein, energy and nutrient metabolism, nutrient needs of women, and fueling for exercise and physical activity. Dr. Greaves has demonstrated abilities to drive strategic opportunities to formulate with plant proteins to improve nutrient density and deliver health benefits in new and existing foods and brands in both developed and emerging markets. Kathy also has experience in clinical trial planning, development and conduct to support business opportunities and ingredient/food claims within timeline and budget. Dr. Greaves is adept at building protein and strength nutrition intellect within teams and teaches undergraduate and graduate level Nutrient Metabolism and Research Methods courses at the local university. Kathy holds a PhD in Nutrition Science from the University of Arizona, a MA in Exercise Physiology from the Ohio State University and a BA in Psychology from Hiram College. Her post-doctoral work was done in the Department of Pathology at Wake Forest University. Her business Nutrition Outside the Box, LLC works cross-functionally to identify spaces where Nutrition, Consumer and Food Sciences converge and healthy, great tasting foods emerge

Presentation Description

Replacing non-sustainably produced proteins with ‘better’ ones is not just a matter of exchanging one for another but must be guided by proper evaluation of techno-functional as well as bio-functional properties of such ‘better’ proteins. Hence these will have to meet equally high standards both for either of these categories of properties while ascertaining a minimal ecological footprint. Protein quality is a matter of their contents of essential amino acids, as well as how well these essential amino acids become available for absorption, i.e. the digestibility to estimate how well they can serve to meet human amino acid requirements, provide a similar palette of bioactive peptides while preserving low allergenicity. This presentation will highlight the health-promoting & nutritional properties of proteins (PDCAAS/DIAAS, digestibility), of products derived thereof, and in vitro approaches to estimate the digestibility and immunogenicity of proteins from sustainable sources.