Rebecca Bradley Palmer
Rebecca Bradley Palmer
Chief Marketing Officer
TerraBio Industries

Rebecca Bradley Palmer has been the marketer for Terra Bioindustries since their early start-up stages in 2021. With a BSc/MSc in Plant Biotechnology, Rebecca learned her passions for science were outside of the lab, leading to her journey toward impact entrepreneurship. Having helped develop business and brand strategies for start-ups in the past, she quickly found her stride with Terra’s upcycling mission. Now, Rebecca and Terra are working with businesses to decarbonize existing supply chains in food, biotech, pharma, and beyond!

Presentation Description

Take an inside look at how new upcycling companies, like Terra Bioindustries, are turning food waste into so much more! Learn just what upcycling means for existing supply chains and what goes into this new form of processing. Rebecca will share the journey to creating Terra’s upcycled sugars and proteins before exploring what the upcycling ecosystem really looks like for you and your business.