Christian Harmansen
Christian Harmansen
Principal Investigator

Dr. Christian Hermansen leads the Circular Bioeconomy team in the Biotransformation group, spearheaded by Dr. Melanie Weingarten. His research focuses on biotechnological approaches to sidestream valorisation, such as alternative feedstocks for single-cell protein production, fermentation of substrates for insect protein production, and fermentation-enabled upcycled foods. He has an H-index of 6 and an i10-index of 6 with over 300 citations for his publications to date. He is the inventor of a number of technologies and one PCT patent.

Presentation Description

An overview of prospects of sidestream utilisation for alternative protein production with a focus on extraction, extrusion, and fermentation technologies and examples of R&D performed at the Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation.