David Vu
David Vu
General Manager
Coco Lucas

Dave Vu, an extraordinary culinary talent, catapulted to stardom as a semi-finalist on the renowned Australian TV sensation, My Kitchen Rules. Since then, Dave's culinary prowess has flourished, establishing him as a prominent figure in the gastronomic realm while captivating food enthusiasts as a celebrated food blogger. But Dave's ambitions extend beyond the kitchen. Recently, he assumed the pivotal role of General Manager at Coco & Lucas, his family's enterprise, where his visionary leadership has propelled the company to remarkable heights. Under his stewardship, Coco & Lucas has expanded exponentially, from 1000 to an impressive 2500 stores nationwide. Notably, their delectable offerings have found international acclaim in Singapore, Dubai, Thailand, and Japan. Additionally, Dave has donned the hat of head chef and product developer, creating plant-based meals, and sauces for major blue chip brands as well as spearheading the launch of his own Asian Range of frozen ready meals under the Coco & Lucas umbrella. Dave's incredible journey is a testament to the profound impact of unwavering passion and dedication. He stands as an inspiration for budding culinary virtuosos, reminding us that dreams are meant to be pursued, boundaries are meant to be transcended, and flavours are meant to ignite the soul. 

Panel Description

David will join a panel discussion that will focus on:
- Which consumer drivers are key? Affordability, nutrition & health, variety, great taste and/or texture?

- Who is the main target group? GenZ? Millenials? GenY? Flexitarians? Other?

- How to attract first buyers, and how to keep them buying the product?

- How accepting are Asian consumers of plant-based analogues?

- How to nudge consumer behaviours and assess the trends, whilst building trust and acceptance?

- How can innovation and data help to do so?