Sonia Pignatelli
Sonia Pignatelli
Environmental consultant, Project manager and Senior LCA Analyst
Life Cycle Engineering Spa

Sonia is an environmental engineer, working as a full-time employee in Life Cycle Engineering since 2010, where she has developed deep experience in Life Cycle Assessment and sustainability matters, supporting sustainability activities for many companies, especially in food sectors and large-scale retailers. She took part in different H2020 EU projects (REslag, Plenitude) for LCA-related matters, finding these projects as great sources of experience and networking.

Presentation Description

After a brief overview of the H2020 project Plenitude, in which LCE takes part, the developing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study on mycoprotein will be presented, as well as the related preliminary environmental impact results. Then the results of an LCA study on beef production will be presented, connecting the two different food products (traditional meat and mycoprotein) to hybrid products as innovative and alternative production. LCA helps to objectively investigate the environmental impact, being a kind of "flexitarian" methodology. LCA is a useful tool to support the choice of different alternatives, giving benefit to all the involved parties (producers and consumers) and it pushes for improvement.