Chris Langwallner
Chris Langwallner
CEO and Co-Founder
WhatIf Foods

It’s a good twenty-five years now since Chris Langwallner started working in the agri-food industry. Born into a family business in Austria, he also worked at SMEs and some of the world’s biggest multinationals. His DNA, however, is wired for entrepreneurial adventures. In 2014, Chris co-founded the science incubator where WhatIF Foods got created. WhatIF Foods believes that everyone busy working on its mission shall be able to share their lust-for-life with all those who want to regenerate for today’s youth and future generations. WhatIF Foods is a planet-positive food company that regenerates from the ground up. Literally! The WhatIF Way takes action to regenerate what’s broken. It crafts foods that replenish instead of depleting, creates systems that restore instead of degrade, and reaches out to reconnect instead of remaining disconnected. WhatIF Foods breakthrough food technologies, and its novel Bambara groundnut value chain in West Africa, gave rise to three BAMnut Milks and the BAMnut Noodles portfolio. All its products are naturally replenishing our bodies and restore soil health. Some of WhatIF Foods noteworthy innovations were recognized at the Temasek Liveability Challenge 2020, as well as the MIT Solve Food Sustainability Challenge also in 2020. Enthusiastically, Chris brings fair and inclusive business strategies, sciences, and remarkable people together to create nutritious products for a profoundly healthier planet, humanity and a regenerative economy. "

Panel Description

Christ will join a panel discussion that will focus on:

 - Which consumer drivers are key? Affordability, nutrition & health, variety, great taste and/or texture?

- Who is the main target group? GenZ? Millenials? GenY? Flexitarians? Other?

- How to attract first buyers, and how to keep them buying the product?

- How accepting are Asian consumers of plant-based analogues?

- How to nudge consumer behaviours and assess the trends, whilst building trust and acceptance? - How can innovation and data help to do so?