Dominik Grabinski, Aibobby
Dominik Grabinski
CEO & Founder

Dominik Grabinski is a seasoned entrepreneur with nearly 30 years of experience in the ingredients sector, working with industry giants such as Cargill and DSM, serving the biggest CPG companies. His deep understanding of market dynamics and needs has been instrumental in creating several startups. Dominik's extensive network and strategic acumen have consistently positioned him as a leader in navigating complex market challenges. Currently, Dominik is channeling his energy, connections, and skills into a groundbreaking venture that leverages generative AI to revolutionize R&D and innovation processes in the food protein industry. Additionally, he serves as a strategic advisor to two promising startups, guiding their product innovation and market strategies. His expertise not only de-risks investments but also enhances the structural growth of portfolio companies, making him a pivotal figure in transforming traditional business approaches with advanced technological solutions.