Klara Kalocsay, Food Frontier
Klara Kalocsay
Head of Research Strategy
Food Frontier

Klara is Head of Research Strategy at Australia and New Zealand’s independent think tank on alternative proteins. As a nutritionist and science communicator, she leads the organisation’s research capabilities and has authored Food Frontier’s major reports since 2020, including the world first nutritional analysis of plant-based meat products compared to animal products, as well as reports on consumer understanding and acceptance of alternative proteins, export market opportunities in Asia and the state of the industry reports. Klara works to identify and address the most pressing evidence gaps in the field of alternative proteins in Australia and New Zealand, either through Food Frontier’s primary research activities or by collaborating with research organisations across the region, to help catalyse the path forward for protein diversification. Klara is an Adjunct Fellow at Macquarie University School of Social Sciences.