Jordania de Freitas Valentim, Revyve
Jordania de Freitas Valentim
Chief Commercial Officer

Jordania Valentim's journey in the protein industry has been marked by a steadfast commitment to innovation and sustainability. Beginning with a focus on animal proteins, particularly in the dairy sector, she transitioned seamlessly to championing plant-based alternatives, notably canola protein. Now at Revyve, Jordania is at the forefront of the protein revolution, spearheading the use of yeast as a sustainable and versatile protein source. As a Chief Commercial Officer at Revyve, Jordania brings a wealth of expertise in protein ingredients to replace eggs and additives, helping brand owners, retailers, and manufacturers offer mouthwatering and affordable foods. She joined revyve in 2021 and played a pivotal role in identifying various technical applications and value propositions, shaping their route to market to revolutionize the food industry.