Dr. Sirli Rosenvald, TFTAK
Dr. Sirli Rosenvald
R&D Director of Food Science

Dr. Rosenvald is a highly experienced scientist and executive in the alternative protein space. She has a Ph.D. in food technologies specializing in the molecules behind the taste and aroma of food. For the last 10 years, she has been running multiple research projects and leading research teams in TFTAK. In recent years she has been focusing on protein research and meat alternative developments helping to develop and commercialize multiple alternative protein products. Her team is currently participating in the XPrize Feed the Next Billion competition as a finalist while developing a salmon fillet alternative form pea protein. Sirli is also co-founder and CEO of FUNKI. FUNKI provides tasty and healthy high-protein food products from mycoprotein to diversify people’s everyday food choices and nudge their consumption habits towards more sustainable baths. As a flavour scientist, she is passionate about bringing to the market sustainable products that people love for their good taste.