Yi Jin
Yi Jin
Impossible Foods

Yi Jin serves as a scientist and technical leader at Impossible Foods. She earned a Ph.D. in biochemistry and biophysics from Brandeis University and possesses considerable expertise in protein chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, and bioprocessing. Dr. Jin has showcased her proficiency in developing processes for plant proteins and achieving plant proteins with a neutral taste and desired consistency for enhancing the appeal and practicality of plant-based foods as a sustainable alternative to animal-derived meat. Her passion also lies in investigating the fundamental mechanisms governing protein secondary structure and conformational changes, aiming to comprehend their interrelation with protein functionality.

Presentation Description

This presentation will focus on:

-Protein structural basics

-Protein folding, unfolding, denaturation, and aggregation

-What happens during the food processing step and how do processes affect functionality: protein precipitation, gelling, emulsion, heating, drying, extrusion/thermal processing, etc.

-Methods to modulate protein functions: chemical modification, enzyme modification, physical interaction/energy input, etc.

-Instruments for protein characterization, from microscale to macroscale

-Food processing challenges and future perspective in the industry