Unique Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Course

Attending the Unique Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Course offers several compelling reasons.

This unique Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Course offers a unique opportunity to enhance your knowledge, network with industry professionals, collaborate on improving food quality, and stay updated on the latest developments in plant-based food technology. Have a look below at some of the reasons you should attend:

Expert Speakers:

The Course features over 20 expert speakers who will share their knowledge and insights on plant-based foods and proteins. This diverse range of speakers ensures that you will gain valuable perspectives from various industry professionals and academia.


With over seven partnering companies, you will have the opportunity to explore and interact with organizations at the forefront of plant-based food and alternative protein innovation. This can provide valuable networking opportunities and allow you to stay updated on the latest products and technologies.

Personalized Experience:

The Course limits the number of delegates to a maximum of 150, ensuring a more personalized and intimate learning environment. This enables you to engage with speakers, companies, and other attendees on a more individual level, maximizing your learning experience.

Collaboration and Networking:

The Course provides ample opportunities for collaboration and networking with food professionals from various backgrounds. This allows you to connect with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and potentially form partnerships that can contribute to improving food quality.

Practical Workshops:

The Course offers practical, hands-on workshops where you can discover and discuss solutions to day-to-day formulation challenges. These workshops provide a valuable learning experience, allowing you to apply the knowledge gained and develop practical skills in the field of plant-based food formulation.

Immersive Education:

With two full days dedicated to the Course, you can immerse yourself in in-depth education on plant-based foods and proteins. This extended duration provides ample time to cover a wide range of topics, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Technological Innovations:

By attending the Course, you will stay up-to-date with the latest technological innovations in the plant-based food industry. This knowledge can be crucial in understanding emerging trends, identifying opportunities, and staying ahead in a rapidly evolving field.

Personalized Attention:

The Course emphasizes personalized attention and direct partner contact. This means you will have the opportunity to engage with experts and industry partners on an individual level, allowing for more focused discussions and tailored guidance.