Tyler Mayoras, Beyond Impact Fund
Tyler Mayoras
Operating Partner
Beyond Impact Fund

Impact investor, entrepreneur and advisor/board member building a sustainable future of food. Currently Cofounder of Cool Beans, a plant based frozen food company using whole food ingredients. Operating Partner at Beyond Impact Fund, a Fund investing in companies taking animals out of the supply chain. Advisor to Atomo Coffee and Renewal Mill.

Specialties: Sustainable food; sustainable agriculture, better for you food, natural food, organic food, organic farming, organic agriculture, plant based food, food waste, upcycled ingredients, precision agriculture, vertical farming, indoor agriculture, controlled agriculture, regenerative agriculture, agtech, foodtech, organic soil, agribusiness, future of food and ag services.

Panel Description

This panel discussion will focus on:

• What is your overall impression of the plant-based food industry’s health today? We hear it’s struggling from the media and the stock market but is there another side of the story from the supply chain and private investors?

• Do cultural factors influence rates of adoption of plant-based meat among countries?

• What can the plant-based meat industry learn from the continued growth of plant-based beverages?

• How does the industry cultivate the next stage of plant-based adopters?

• How will the next generation of plant-based products differ from those currently available?