Florin Irimescu, Bluana
Florin Irimescu

Food category builder with 6 years of experience in food production and a French culinary arts background. He is also the founder of Valeputna, an award-winning fish-based gourmet food production company. Florin is an accomplished business manager with a wealth of experience in implementing high-impact business strategies, translating organizational missions into branding campaigns, setting directions, and accelerating revenue growth. He has raised €1.5 million in Public funding (10 programs) for implementing a fish-processing project and B&B agrotourism, achieving various high-level certifications and international awards. With his expertise, Florin has achieved a yearly turnover of €3.2 million with a 30% profit. Florin and Marco met at Mass Challenge Switzerland where Marco was the EIR (entrepreneur in residence) for the food and beverage vertical. Florin already started Bluana as a plant-based Sashimi product. Marco and Florin together realized that they wanted to innovate in the world of Sashimi enabling Sashimi consumption in ways it wasn’t possible just today. Then, the fact of being plant-based only became a feature for Bluana. What mattered is that the company focused since then on developing Sashimi that performed better than any other sashimi in terms of taste, cost, and shelf life. Additionally, Florin and Ana have worked together for 6 years in developing various kinds of foods, displaying a strong collaboration and an exceptional ability to work together.