Geert Maesmans, Cargill
Geert Maesmans
Research & Innovation Leader

Personal life: Geert is married with 3 kids. Avid reader, learner, and DIYer

Professional life: Geert held different leadership roles in Cargill’s corporate R&D function and in several of Cargill’s businesses. Prior to joining Cargill, Geert worked at Tate&Lyle, at Amylum, and at a Functional Systems solutions provider in Academia. Board member of industry associations, Research consortia, and start-ups. He holds a Ph.D. in Applied Biological Sciences, an engineering degree in Chemical and Biological Industries, and benefited from continuous education in business administration and innovation.

Presentation Description

This panel discussion will focus on:

- How to transform the primary/agricultural sector?

- Policy: What can politicians do to help to transform the agricultural system (regulations, subsidies, farmer buy-outs, CO2 taxes)?

- Farmers: Are farmers willing and economically able to reduce their number of livestock drastically (70%)?

- World market: How does the global community need to act on this? Let’s say one country reduces livestock production, wouldn’t the supermarkets just import from other countries?