Phillip Freeman, Clever Carnivore
Phillip Freeman
Manager of Process Development
Clever Carnivore

Phillip Freeman is the Process Development Manager at Clever Carnivore, Inc. In his role, he leads a team of scientists working to solve the current bottleneck of scaling-up cultivated meat production to reach price parity with traditionally slaughtered meat. Phillip worked previously in upstream gene therapy manufacturing at Novartis Gene Therapies before pursuing his graduate education. He earned his MS in Biotechnology from Northwestern University and BS in Chemistry and Experimental Psychology from the University of South Carolina Honors College. He was a graduate research assistant in Paul Burridge’s Lab while in pursuing his MS degree, focusing on 3D iPSC proliferation and cardiomyocyte differentiation before transitioning to process development work at Clever Carnivore.

Presentation Description 

Innovative ideas and new ingredient innovations will be pitched!

- What's in for the world, for foods, ingredients, or processing?

- What's the benefit?

- How can the value chain support?