David Meyer, CP Kelco
David Meyer
Technical Service Representative
CP Kelco

David is a Technical Service manager with CP Kelco. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and a Master's Degree in Food Science Degree from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Dave has worked for 24 years in the food industry including 13 years with General Mills as a product developer in the Meals Division; three years in technical service at Cargill Texturizing Solutions and the last 6+ years with CP Kelco. Dave’s experience with product development coupled with his focus on hydrocolloids for the past 8 years gives him a unique perspective on the use of hydrocolloids in product development. His favorite projects involve complex ingredient interactions in which he works closely with client product developers to find the right product(s) for their application.

Presentation description 

Consumers expect plant-based protein alternatives to resemble their ”original” counterparts, especially in beverages, ice cream, cheese, and meat analogs. Brands are looking to increase viscosity and mouthfeel in plant-based applications and to create stable and consistent products. A wide variety of hydrocolloids present unique functionality to deliver attributes desired by consumers. We will review the attributes that developers are trying to achieve and explore hydrocolloid options to deliver those attributes. We will look at plant-based: beverages, yogurts, cheeses, meat analogs, egg substitutes, and condiments. We share some formulas and processes and some troubleshooting tips to use while working with hydrocolloids.