Gregory See Hoye, Dedert
Gregory See Hoye
Market Manager

Gregory See Hoye is Market Manager at Dedert Corporation, a drying and evaporation technology solutions provider. His current role focuses on supporting developments in the manufacturing of plant-based food ingredients. Greg has 17 years of experience in the food and agri-food sectors, with 12 years specializing in evaporation and drying solutions.

Presentation Description

Ingredient manufacturers are focused on specialty product applications for plant-based, fermentation-enabled, and other Alternative Proteins. Partnerships to coordinate product development and process optimization are therefore needed to ensure sustainable viability for scale-up. By promoting process innovations, the resulting commercial manufacturing process can target sustainability, energy efficiency, and product functionality requirements among other expectations. As these process developments may require departures from conventional methods, joint initiatives between academic and industrial expertise through Pilot Plant testing are critical to managing the scale-up challenges. Examples include the implementation of alternate drying technologies for protein, variations on upstream dewatering, or new approaches to heat recovery. Let’s discuss how to build valuable process partnerships to successfully scale product ideas to commercial realities.