Firoz Amijee
Firoz Amijee
Regulatory Professional: Food and Agriculture

Dr. Firoz Amijee is an independent and experienced regulatory professional available to advise government, public and private organizations on registration and commercialization of innovative food and agricultural products. His international expertise in product registrations, regulatory affairs and compliance of advanced technologies, including ag-biotech, is critical to enable sustainable agricultural production globally, whilst taking into consideration relevant stakeholder interests. Firoz has more than 30 years of global experience and knowledge in registration, regulatory and government affairs for the development and use of agricultural products. He was the UK Competent Authority for the implementation of GMO regulations in the EU and Head of the Biotech Regulatory Office at the Department of the Environment in London before moving to leadership roles with global multi-national companies (Pioneer Hi-Bred; DuPont Pioneer; DowDuPont). Most recently, he served as the Global Registration Director for Corteva Agriscience for seeds, biotech traits and crop protection. Spanning his career, Firoz has successfully delivered hundreds of food and agricultural product registrations globally generating revenues of more than US$ 10 billion. Firoz gained his BSc and PhD in plant sciences at Leeds University and Rothamsted Research, followed by post-doctorate research in plant-microbial interactions at London University and Aberdeen University. He has authored more than 40 research and peer-reviewed publications as well as represented government and industry at international forums hosted by the EU, FAO, OECD and UNEP. 

Presentation Description 

This presentation will focus on:

- Protein yield vs. quality vs. price

- Climate change resilience (GMO vs classical breeding, changing cultivation areas because of change in temperature, etc.)

- What is the direction of breeding activities? Or are there any completely new crops?

- How can crop cultivation ensure consistent quality (composition, functionality, nutritional)?

- Efforts towards ensuring high protein nutritional quality (protein content/amino acid composition)