Will Cowling, FMCG Gurus
Will Cowling
Marketing Manager
FMCG Gurus

As the Senior Strategic Marketing Manager, Will Cowling is responsible for managing the development, implementation, and evaluation of integrated brand and marketing initiatives to achieve the growth and revenue goals of the business. Wil brings new ideas and concepts forward to develop innovative and effective solutions to business and marketing challenges whilst helping to grow the brand through building strategic partnerships and client relations across the globe.

Presentation Description

Due to inflation across the globe, many consumers are now faced with higher prices hitting them hard and fast across the food and Beverage market. Consumers are re-evaluating their spending habits as they will look to cut back on food and drink, which they believe offer them no additional value. This presentation will look to evaluate the impact of rising prices on the plant-based market, looking to explore how to position products to consumers in order to be successful in 2023 and beyond. The Presentation will draw data from FMCG Gurus: Price Sensitivity Survey Series and FMCG Gurus: Meat and Plant-Based Survey series launched in over 20 countries and over 16,000 respondents globally.