Brice Le Roy, Formo Bio
Brice Le Roy
Consumer Lab Lead
Formo Bio

Brice LeRoy is leading the Consumer Lab at Formo, Berlin based start-up, with mission to pioneer precision fermentation to produce indulgent animal-free cheese for everybody He has worked more than 20y in FMCG companies such as General Mills, Yoplait or Suntory (Orangina Schweppes). He is a global innovation & experimentation expert, helping companies to put consumer needs at the heart of their strategies and develop successful solutions consumers will love.

Panel Description

This panel will focus on:

- Who is the consumer?

- Which drivers are key for targeted consumers? (e.g., affordability, nutrition & health, variety, great taste & texture)

- What are the major barriers for your brand and for the category?

- Which nut do consumers want the industry to crack first?

- How have consumer attitudes toward the category shifted?

- Where do we see repeat purchase rates today? What are near-term strategies to drive repeat purchases? Long-term ones?

- How to attract new consumers?