Davide Di Nunno, GEA
Davide Di Nunno
Head of Process Technology for Pasta & Snacks – Business Unit PEM, Pasta Extrusion and Milling

I’ve got a Master's Degree in Food Science and Technology (University of Padua), 2 years as a Lab Technician for food analysis to prevent food fraud in the Italian Market, 6 years in Pavan (now called GEA PEM) as a Food Technologist in the Technology Center and in charge of the industrial plant commissioning, 2 years in the Sales Dept. (same Company) managing Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh areas, then Sales Department in a machine manufacturer company for Bakery European Market and since January 2021 Director of the Technology Center at GEA PEM as Head of Process Technology. Head of Process Technology for Pasta & Snacks – Business Unit PEM, Pasta Extrusion, and Milling

Panel description

This panel will focus on:

- What are the challenges in both upstream & downstream processing when it comes to sustainability, and costs (i.e. energy/water use?)

o Sustainability/Energy Efficiency

o Capital/Operating Costs

o Cascade Processing/Side stream Valorization

o Collaboration between different players

o Product/Ingredient quality and consistency

-Why is there a need for collaboration between upstream & downstream processing companies?

- What are the possible innovations & solutions – and how can upstream & downstream processes complement each other?

o Energy efficiency (drying, milling, extrusion)

o New equipment innovations (spray drying vs ring drying)

o Fermentation

o How to integrate different techniques to optimize solutions?

- How to integrate to optimize solutions?

o What do the customers demand? What do they want?