Phil Kerr, Houdek
Phil Kerr

Executive leader with food, feed, ingredient, health/wellness and agricultural biotechnology experience.

The need for discovering and commercializing unique ingredient based solutions to enhance human health and wellness is greater than ever. Globally, we now face serious issues related to lifestyle choices, including diet and exercise, that manifest themselves in various metabolic conditions: cardiovascular diseases, pre-diabetes and diabetes, and sarcopenia, to name but a few.

The opportunities to bring together the tools and techniques of systems biology and couple them with known and emerging technologies in food and nutrition science to enhance human health and wellness are both compelling and long overdue.

My experiences from working in these areas for 25+ years have been both incredibly rewarding, but also frustrating in that during this same time period, we've seen numerous, beneficial technologies be dramatically slowed in their commercial adoption by misinformation from various special interests and by a lack of global harmonization of regulatory processes needed to assess and ensure the safety of use of new food and feed ingredients. I'm hopeful that more efficient and effective systems can and will be adopted so that the global nutrition and health challenges we all face can be more effectively and efficiently addressed.

Panel Description

This panel discussion will focus on:

• What are the current issues in the agriculture sector?

• How can the plant-based industry and the agriculture sector help alleviate these problems?

• What do you offer that addresses some of these concerns?

•Who are the major stakeholders that should be at the table to facilitate change?