Sylvaine Declerck, IFF
Sylvaine Declerck
Creative Leader Bars, Bakery, Conf. & Dairy - Senior Flavorist

Sylvaine Declerck is a seasoned and accomplished Senior Flavorist in the fields of Dairy, with over 20 years of experience in flavor creation. She is currently working as a Creative Leader at IFF in the Netherlands for the flavorist team focusing on Dairy, Bars, Bakery and Confectionary. Sylvaine holds a Master's degree in Flavor Formulation from ISIPCA, a prestigious institution for training in fragrance and flavor science. Sylvaine's expertise lies in developing sweet tonalities flavors for dairy and dairy alternatives, with a particular focus on addressing challenges related to the wellness trend, such as sugar reduction, fat reduction, and plant-based formulations. As a member of the Modulation Innovation team, she works on developing innovative solutions for clients in the food and beverage industry. 

Presentation Description

The growing demand for plant-based products has led to the need for innovation in creating products that are not only healthy but also flavorful. Flavors play an important role in enhancing the sensory experience of food, and with plant-based products, they can help overcome taste challenges that are often linked to protein sources, food composition, and processes used to make those foods. Flavoring can be a great tool to overcome these challenges. Combining flavoring with modifying properties can be used to reduce bitterness, increase the mouthfeel perception, enhance juiciness, mask the undesired off notes, and bring authentic taste to the plant proteins. The ultimate goal of flavor modulation is to create a more enjoyable and appealing eating experience for the consumer while still maintaining the nutritional value and safety of the product. Understanding consumer expectations in this area is key to developing successful products. Did you know that expectations in flavor tonality for plant-based products are different than for traditional dairy? Learn more while IFF explores the concept of flavor modulation, the various techniques and ingredients used to achieve it, and its potential impact on the food industry.