Giovanna Hernandez, Kelloggs
Giovanna Hernandez
Research & Development Director

Passionate and Innovative Leader of Research & Development teams with high technical skills in culinary food development, packaging design, nutrition, sensory, and consumer science. Focused on developing innovative strategies and technical programs to empower teams to delight our consumers. Giovanna was born and raised in Veracruz, Mexico, she majored in Biotechnology engineering, with MBA focused on Innovation and Marketing. Giovanna joined the food industry in 2005 and enjoyed the ride and adrenaline of developing, continuous improvement, traveling, researching, and all for the sake of food. Her experience goes from farm to bar with Cacao, other confectionary processes, snacks, bakery, plant-based food, and meat analogs. 

Giovanna has a wonderful family in the USA, her husband Jose, and our 2 kiddos: Julieta and Rodrigo, her intrinsic motivation and the engine to learn and be kind to others and our World. When not at work, she loves to cook, yes more cooking at home, hiking, and reading. Lately, singing with my son, we know we have opportunities, but it is about the fun!

Presentation Description:

This panel discussion will focus on:

- Which consumer drivers are key? Affordability, nutrition & health, variety, great taste & texture?

- Where are we now on a scale of 1 to 10 with these drivers?

- Which nut do consumers want the industry to crack first?

- Who is the main target group? GenZ? Millennials? GenY? Flexitarians? …?

- How to attract first buyers, and how to keep them buying the product? "