Silvia Soragni, Lallemand
Silvia Soragni
Product and Marketing Manager in Lallemand Bio-Ingredients

Graduated in Food Technology in 2000, at the University of Milan, Department of Agriculture, I entered the food business market in 2004 working in food ingredients distribution (Giusto Faravelli Spa, Milan). In 2012 I moved to Azelis, in the role of Sales Manager, and a year later I joined the JV of Tereos Pure Circle Solutions to commercialize stevia extracts in Europe, following market approval by the EU. Since 2017 I have been with Lallemand Bio-Ingredients, managing a portfolio of yeast-based ingredients as natural options for the food industry to design food products. Yeast extract, inactive yeast, and yeast protein are ingredients that serve developers of plant-based foods to positively influence the taste, texture, and nutritional profile of alternatives to meat and dairy products.

Panel Description:

This panel discussion will focus on:

- What is the current product development and sales status of plant-based and other meat alternatives?

- What are the main challenges? Process? Sensory? Ingredients?

- Where do we see the different technologies for the production of meat alternatives in the future? Extrusion, 3D printing, simple mixing, shear cell, etc.? - To further foster the growth… where does the product development go?

- Is there opportunity to create new products that have similar nutrient properties than meat (e.g., protein, B12, zinc) but do not resemble muscle tissue?

- What has to happen that we can bring such products (“meat alternatives” that do not resemble meat) to the market?