Fred van de Velde
Fred van de Velde
Principal scientist & Group Leader

Fred van de Velde is the group leader and principal scientist of protein functionality at NIZO (Ede, the Netherlands), covering plant and dairy proteins as well as proteins produced by fermentation. His work field of protein functionality ranges from extraction and separation from different sources to application in food and feed products. This includes downstream processing, molecular characterization, technical functionality, sensory properties, nutritional and microbial quality as well as interaction with other ingredients in complex food matrices. To date, he has published more than 90 research articles and book chapters and he is (co)-inventor of 12 patent applications.

Presentation Description

This presentation will focus on the wet processing of both starch and oil crops and will show the latest results on approaches to maintain protein functionality. The presentation will cover topics related to yield optimization, protein functionality, and the impact of the processing of flavor/taste. Moreover, cost and energy reduction will be discussed.