Laura Toppinen, Onega Bio
Laura Toppinen
Head of Brand & Communications
Onega Bio

A purpose-driven communications and sustainability professional, Laura is passionate about building a more sustainable future with delicious food innovations. Laura is experienced in communications, corporate sustainability, brand building, public relations, and marketing in the field of alternative proteins. She is currently the Head of Brand & Communications at Onego Bio, a Finnish food-biotech company producing animal-free egg protein with precision fermentation. Prior to leading the communications at Onego Bio, Laura spent nearly four years in a marketing and communications role at Gold&Green Foods, which focused on oat-based protein alternatives. As the Communications Manager at Gold&Green Foods, she was responsible for Company, Brand, and Sustainability communications, as well as the development and implementation of their sustainability program.

Presentation description 

This presentation focuses on the advantages of precision fermentation and its potential to solve many environmental challenges and food security problems and answer the needs of the food industry and consumers looking for next-gen alternative ingredients (not compromising on price, taste, texture, nutrition, environmental impact that’s possible to achieve with our naturally efficient technology of producing bioidentical egg protein). Egg protein is the holy grail and very challenging to replace with alternative ingredients and the current supply chain situation is catastrophic because of bird flu.