Rachel Dreskin, Plant-Based Foods Association
Rachel Dreskin
Chief Executive Officer
Plant-Based Foods Association

Rachel Dreskin is the CEO of the Plant Based Foods Association and the Plant Based Foods Institute. She also serves as a board member of the Regenerative Organic Alliance. She has guest lectured at top US universities like Stanford and New York University, and has been featured in Bloomberg, Fortune Magazine, the Chicago Tribune, and more.

Presentation Description

This panel discussion will focus on: - How to transform the primary/agricultural sector? - Policy: What can politicians do to help to transform the agricultural system (regulations, subsidies, farmer buy-outs, CO2 taxes)? - Farmers: Are farmers willing and economically able to reduce their number of livestock drastically (70%)? - World market: How does the global community needs to act on this? Let’s say one country reduces livestock production, wouldn’t the supermarkets just import from other countries?

Panel description

This panel discussion will focus on:

• What are the current issues in the agriculture sector?

• How can the plant-based industry and the agriculture sector help alleviate these problems?

• What do you offer that addresses some of these concerns?

•Who are the major stakeholders that should be at the table to facilitate change?