Melanie Luangrath, DSM-Avril
Melanie Luangrath
Director New Business Development

Melanie Luangrath has over 20 years of diversified experience, including launching new product solutions and managing cross-functional innovation projects to commercialization. Melanie holds an MBA from Syracuse University, New York and currently leads the commercial team at DSM Proteins of the Future with CanolaPRO® as the first specialty protein of DSM’s Vertis™ protein portfolio. Before joining DSM in 2018, Melanie worked at Givaudan Taste & Wellbeing division and AkzoNobel. She is passionate about food experience discovery and curious about exploring new food combinations that are delicious, nutritious and sustainably produced.

Panel description

This panel will focus on:

- What is the perspective of plant farmers on plant protein quality? What happened in the past and what are the new developments?

- What are bigger food companies doing to ensure protein quality/price/resilience/sustainability. Vertical integration?

- Where is more room for connectivity along the supply chain?

- How do ingredient manufacturers deal with changing crop yields/protein content and quality? What are possible solutions?

- What are the plant protein sources of the future from the perspective of each panelist? Are we stuck with soy and pea?