Janelle Carlin, Pulse Canada
Janelle Carlin
Director, Quality & Processing
Pulse Canada

Janelle Carlin is the Director, Quality and Processing at Pulse Canada who oversees technical and research initiatives related to pulse crop quality, processing, and utilization. As part of Pulse Canada’s market innovation team, Janelle works with companies globally to provide support on the broader category of pulses and pulse ingredients. Janelle holds a MSc in Food Science from the University of Manitoba with expertise on pulse milling and processing, genetic and environmental influences affecting ingredient quality, and analytical techniques to evaluate ingredient performance.

Presentation Description

As the major component of the seed, identifying opportunities for pea starch is becoming increasingly important for the profitability of the pulse processing sector. This presentation will provide an overview of the current landscape for North American pea starch utilization and highlight emerging opportunities for both high-value and high-volume end-use applications