Karla Acevedo, Quorn Foods
Karla Acevedo
Reserch Chef- Culinologist
Quorn Foods

Karla is a food scientist and culinologist currently working for Quorn Foods in product innovation. Her passion for understanding and building relevant experiences for the consumer is evident in the most recent launch for the company in the US: the vegan meatless pineapple chipotle chiqin dippers. Development that she led from the culinary gold standard to the translation of a scalable product and production. With a background in Human Nutrition, Gastronomy, and published research in bioactive compounds present in plant proteins from chickpeas, Karla continues to look for opportunities to integrate science and culinary experiences to deliver sustainable food alternatives.

Presentation Description

Mycoprotein, a fungi-based ingredient has more biological similarity to animals than plants” The meat alternative category is dominated by plant-based options, so it is easy for the consumer to assume that all the available options come from plants. Nevertheless, fungi-based proteins are a fast-growing meat alternative in the US sparking the need to have conversations about how it is different and what benefits they provide to the consumer in terms of nutrition and sustainability.