Birgit Dekkers, Rival Foods
Birgit Dekkers
Rival Foods

Birgit Dekkers (Ph.D.), founder of Rival Foods. After successfully defending her Ph.D. research with honors (Cum Laude) on a novel technology to structure plant proteins, Birgit decided to pursue her work to transform sustainable proteins into plant-based meat alternatives with remarkable texture, taste, and appearance. Driven by a need to restore the balance between animal-based and plant-based foods, she is dedicated to developing products that people want to have again and again.

Panel Description

This panel will focus on:

- What is the general retail perspective on the alternative protein market?

- How does retail select which products they put in their shelves?

- How can plant-based products be placed to increase their sales?

- What can food companies do to increase their visibility in the stores?

- What is the sustainability mission of retail?

- Are there other supply options beyond retail (e.g., food boxes, direct-to-consumer)?