Kevin Camphuis, Shakeup Factory
Kevin Camphuis
Shakeup Factory

Consumer & Industry Track (Track I) Co-Chair

Kevin is passionate about topics such as:

-Food disruption
-Disruptive strategy & implementation
-Open innovation with startups
-Breakthrough innovation on products and services
-Acceleration, growth hack, and seed investment
-Digital empowerment IOT & EcoSystems

Presentation Description

The Aims of the Delicious Foods Track are to create shared visions on:

1. How relevant for developing new foods are themes like Affordability, Healthy Diets & Nutrition, Delicious Foods, and Sustainability?

2. How does the world of novel food ingredients look like? What can we expect in the coming years?

3. Which key new categories will emerge and how can the value chain tap into these opportunities?

4. Which new EcoSystems can contribute?

5. What is the agenda of the Global Plant-Based Foods & Proteins EcoSystem? How can you tap into these EcoSystems?

"What are the Outcomes of the Consumer & Industry Track?

Which shared visions have been created on:

1. What are the key industry trends moving forward to 2024?

2. How relevanare t arthemesse like Affordability, Healthy Diets & Nutrition, Delicious Foods, and Sustainabiliy?

3. What will drive consumers to buy more plant-based foods? How relevant is the climate when shopping for food?

4. What is the perspective of retail and food service? More importantly, what can we learn from data? What do the numbers teach us?

5. What is needed to crack the nuts for consumers when we talk vegan cheese, meat-free, fish,-free and egg-free?"