Lisa Ronquest-Ross, v2food
Lisa Ronquest-Ross

Lisa is a passionate Food Scientist with extensive local and global experience working in a variety of multinationals from Unilever, Mars, Woolworths, and MANE across the food FMCG environment (ingredients, flavors, manufacturing, and retail). She has a particular passion for ensuring the application of science and technology is meaningful for both people and the planet. Lisa moved from South Africa, where she was R&D Executive for Mane Flavours leading their Innovation Centre for Sub-Saharan Africa, to join v2food in Australia. Lisa is currently Head of Science & Technology where she is responsible for leading and translating v2food’s research programs into meaningful product and sustainability advancements. Lisa has just completed her Ph.D. in Food Science through the University of Stellenbosch, exploring the current and future application of food science & technology in South Africa in responding to major shifts in food consumption patterns since 1994.

Panel Description

This panel will focus on:

- Who is the consumer?

-Which drivers are key for targeted consumers? (e.g., affordability, nutrition & health, variety, great taste & texture)

- What are the major barriers for your brand and for the category?

- Which nut do consumers want the industry to crack first?

- How have consumer attitudes toward the category shifted?

- Where do we see repeat purchase rates today? What are near-term strategies to drive repeat purchases? Long-term ones?

- How to attract new consumers?