Vincent Brain
Vincent Brain
General Manager

Describe yourself in 3 words: Tall, sporty, cerebral

Tell us something about you nobody would know upon first meeting you: I was born & raised in South Wales – and the only other place I went to school was Hawaii

What evoked your passion for the sector? Of all human activities, agriculture has the largest carbon footprint. I’d like to do something about keeping food great but making it more sustainable

Presentation Description

The Year of Accelerating Value Chain Connectivity

The focus of the plant-based foods & proteins ecosystems will be on the acceleration of connectivity between value chains. How to connect more consumers, retailers, food service operators, brands, ingredient & technology suppliers, research institutes, universities, growers, breeders, finance and venture capital providers, and other key stakeholders such as regional, national, and international (N)GO’s? All actors are ready to play a part in the protein transition. So, what is needed to accelerate? A joint mission, a shared vision, a working plan? The UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 are the end goals. The protein transition can have a major impact on the following goals:

-Zero Hunger: Great impact can be achieved globally, in the developed and lesser-developed world, when plant-based foods become more affordable.

- Good Health and Well-Being: A transition to a plant-based foods diet and nutrition will contribute to better health and well-being

- Responsible Consumption and Production: Sustainable plant-based food production systems and diets can contribute to a healthier planet

- Climate Action: Shifting animal-based consumption and production system to plant-based have a much higher impact on climate compared to the currently used tools to mitigate the temperature increase on our planet

- Life on Land: A higher consumption of plant-based foods can free up valuable land for nature

The 2023 Bridge2Food Summits Goals are to:

1. Provide key insights on how to accelerate connectivity in the plant-based foods & protein value chains

2. Define the Global Research Investment Agenda

3. Bring together the key value chain leaders to share visions and define a joint mission

4. Connect all stakeholders

5. Drive collaboration efforts

Each Summit will contribute to the SDG’s by focusing on the following themes:

- Affordability

- Healthy Diets & Nutrition 

- Delicious Foods

- Sustainability

These themes will be part of the focused Summit Tracks:

- Track I: Consumer & Industry Challenges

- Track II: Delicious Food Innovations

- Track III: Sustainable Process Innovations