Maaike Nieuwland, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research
Maaike Nieuwland
Researcher on food structure | Protein structural properties
Wageningen Food & Biobased Research

Maaike is a chemist by training. During her Master's studies, she investigated fat crystallization and supramolecular complexes with non-covalent binding of pharmaceuticals with cyclodextrins. In her PhD project, she worked on peptide amphiphiles, leading to her work on proteins in food, which has been her working field for the past twelve years. She has experience and interest in understanding why ingredients, in particular proteins, behave as they do. She has been working on protein structuring projects in the past years, as well as in projects that aim at employing novel protein sources such as leaf protein or insect protein.

Presentation Description

Pulses, the dried edible seeds of certain legumes, are attractive protein crops for their suitability to the European climate, with relatively high yields, and nitrogen-fixing properties. Proteins from pulses like peas and faba beans are increasingly desired by companies and consumers to replace animal proteins in products like meat and dairy alternatives. However, the current flavor and functionality of pulse proteins are not optimal for application in these products. Different processing strategies were investigated to improve the taste and aroma perception of pulse protein ingredients. In this presentation, the results of heat treatment at different points during the processing of pea and faba bean will be presented and the impact on taste and aroma and on protein functionality will be highlighted.